The Boring Book

Well its finally out in the shops! My new book, The Boring Book.  My salute to the power
of words and the joy of riotous typography. I've mixed hand drawn typography with fonts that have been altered on illustrator. You can see a couple of pages in my illustration portfolio.

My Happy Place

I absolutely love this book. Well-known, interesting, New Zealanders from singer Boh Runga to plastic surgeon Swee Tan and writer Joy Cowley have contributed their insights which have been illustrated by kids all over NZ. The artwork is amazing. It was a pleasure to design. The proceeds of the book go to Kidscan.

Hill & Hole

Winner of the best designed book from BPNZ, 2011. This was the first time a children's book has won the award.

Crafty Books

The two craft books (above and below) are designed, illustrated and written by ME. 
I have a truly enjoyable job. The books were on the Storylines list of notable books for 2010. 
Not bad for a first time writer, even if I say so myself. You can buy them ( real cheap!) now at

Making the little critters and designing the patterns for the books was great 
winter entertainment.


I also made a short video to advertise the craft books. 
My poor cat, who stars in the video is now deceased. RIP Smoggy.

Book Covers

 I enjoy just using brushes for typography sometimes, rather than computers. 
The publisher loved this whimsical kiwi idea.

The challenge is in creating inviting cover designs that can encapsulate the essence of the book.

Although I enjoyed discovering new recipes while designing this cookbook,
it really just made me feel hungry the whole time.

What is ...?

There are five books in this popular series.
I aimed for an uncluttered look that would let the amazing images tell the story.


A few logos I have designed.

Frontier of Dreams

'Frontier of Dreams' coincided with the TV series of the same title. ( Which I had to use the disgusting logo of. I really think its ugly, but it was non negotiable). The series of four books portrays NZ history in a way that is interesting to younger readers. The design for each book is themed on the era it relates to. The design was awarded the best Education design from NZ Book Awards in 2007.